Gift Cards

They say it is the thought that counts, but what counts more is getting that gift across without the stress of having to do it at extra cost! All Sofi Foods Gift Cards are sent so that the recipient knows that you were really thinking about them. They can be personalized with special messages and delivered just in time to ignite the widest smile. You can have it delivered to the recipients’ e-mail, and they can redeem on our website. Nigeria’s finest Food Gift Card service

 Nigeria’s finest Food Gift Card service

·         Instantly send a gift digitally or have it mailed by us

·         Select from a variety of Nourishing and healthy organic food options to choose from

·         Valid for 3 months from date of purchase

Sometimes, words are not enough to express just how much you celebrate, appreciate, regard or love someone. Sofi Foods makes gifting simpler and nourishing. For the sender, we offer the luxury of convenience. You do not have to decide what products to select; neither do you have to go through the hassle of picking it up, packing and delivery. You simply send your best compliments with Sofi Foods gift card and let us take care of the rest as part of our value-added service. For the recipient, get ready to make your choice from the finest choice of sumptuous foodstuff.

  • With Sofi Foods Gift Card you can easily reward, motivate and show appreciation to your Employees, Customers and Business Partners

·         To enhance loyalty

·         Reinforce brand retention

·         Appreciate existing customers and recruit new brand advocates

·         Build positive business affinity

  • Use Sofi Foods Gift Card to show how much you value your people for

·         Employee Rewards

·         Customer Rewards

·         Channel Incentives

·         Consumer Promotions

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