COVID-19 Update

As the landscape of normal continues to change and we find ourselves in uncharted territory – we can all be left feeling a little uncertain. At Sofi Foods what we do know is that we will get through this together. In order to keep you fully informed, we’ve created this page for updates on what we are doing to keep you safe and well-nourished along with how our community is coming together during these times.


  • As we continue to scale up our production and in order to serve more of our customers, our delivery window has expanded.
  • Like us, our business partners are seeing an extreme increase in order volume, and in many cases, they are struggling and/or unable to produce enough to meet demand. We are working hard with them to make sure we don’t experience delays. To counter this, we are building relationships with new business partners and bringing them into our ecosystem.
  • We feel confident that the supply chain is beginning to find its footing, you’ll soon find many previously sold out items back in stock on our website. Your understanding is very much appreciated. Being a small business, we consider our customers family and will do everything in our power to make things right if ever they go wrong.


  • The safety of our processing facility, warehouse and staff ensure the safety of our deliveries to you.
  • We start our days in the warehouse with an all-hands meeting – to cover procedures, discuss the schedule of the day, and check-in with our teams.
  • We are closely following all NCDC guidelines for best practices during operations.
  • Our packing stations are the minimum 6 feet apart and are routinely disinfected throughout the day. All Sofi Foods staff wear masks and gloves during shifts, with gloves being changed every two hours.
  • Any arriving vendors follow all protocols.
  • Our day in, day out operations is hard work! Sofi Foods staff are instructed to stay home if they’re not feeling well and encouraged to take time off as needed.


  • All drivers are mandated to keep up hygiene procedures – wearing masks and gloves before and during pickup from our warehouse and throughout their delivery route.
  • You can track your driver via the SMS updates on the day of delivery, boxes will be left inside of your building. Every delivery is contactless.
  • All drivers are instructed to stay home and seek medical attention if they are not feeling well.


  • We are a small team growing every day (quite literally!) to meet a sudden and monumental increase in demand. We wouldn’t be able to increase that capacity without the amazing support from the community around us.
  • Our friends at Madison Integrated Development company have enabled our Digital Transformation Strategy.
  • Our friends at Flutterwave have supported our simpler, smarter payment facility available on our website.
  • Our customers are a constant source of support and love – not only now, but always. Your emails and posts on our Social Media channels inspire us more than you know. We take time at the end of the day to share your sentiments to the entire team and we are so grateful to you all for lifting us up.


  • We have moved into a new home in Lagos! We are excited about meeting more of our neighbours, if you are in the neighbourhood and would like to be connected, please send us an email.

As the world changes, we are here for you. We will continue to update this page as needed and, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at


COVID-19 Updates

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